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Welcome! This is your place to suggest ideas or vote for them for improving COYOs mobile experience. Our product team will read all of your ideas and if your idea is popular among other users it may become part of COYO!

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  1. Check if your idea already has been suggested, just use the search bar below. If it has, vote for it.

  2. If it's new, submit it, describing what you have in mind and how it would benefit the COYO community.

  3. Gather support!

  4. We will reply to your idea if there is more information required or there is a new status for it.

Please remember that the language of this forum is English. 
Also, creating multiple accounts to vote for your idea will not work, so please be fair, if your idea is as good as you think it is it will gain votes over time!

There are fives statuses at the moment and here is what they mean:

We have seen your Idea and additionally see potential in it, now it's time to see if the community is as excited about your idea as you!

Awesome! Your idea seems to have gotten quite some kind of traction and we will see if we can fit it in our roadmap soon.

In Development
We are currently working on adding this feature to COYO and if everything goes right you can use it soon.

This feature is released and you can use it with the newest version.

There are different reasons why your idea didn’t make the cut. Not enough votes, being too specific or not specific enough could contribute to that. But don’t be discouraged, maybe one of your other ideas could be implemented into COYO in the future!

  1. Swipe through and zoom in a picture gallery online more natively !!

    I would like to be able through a picture gallery at the mobile devices more natively by swiping througb the pictures and also Zoom into a picture .

    please make it possible to click through pictures also on mobile devices more natively! The UE wilö ne was bettwr eben the uploaded picture shows the pictures and not also the size and the name
    Of the uploaded file e.g. hdtegek5283 or similar.

    This is such an important usability feature on mobile devices! The current possibility is so inconspicuous.

    Thanks for feedback.

    19 votes
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    Acknowledged  ·  2 comments  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
  2. Push notification for @mention in mobile app

    I would like to have push notifications on my mobile Coyo app for at least @mentions. Best would be to have notification setting for mobile where I can select and de-select certain notifications. But at least @mentions should be pushed, since they are quite similar to direct chats.

    14 votes
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    Hi Sarah,
    @mentions are a valuable idea. We have added this to our internal ideas list. Unfortunately, at this point, we are not able to tell you when this feature will make it to the roadmap.

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